Bandon, Oregon, on the coast of the wild Pacific Ocean, makes the idyllic winter holiday with its mild weather and stunning setting, and Bandon Beach Motel is the place to stay in Bandon.  The motel is situated high up on Coquille Point, on a tsunami-safe headland jutting out into the ocean, with wide sweeps of sand beach on either side and sea stacks scattered along its shores.  From the seaside windows of Bandon Beach Motel, you can see the sun rise over the restless sea or watch it set in clouds of glory reflected in the sea. 
Winter days are often mild and sunny, and winter storms stir the ocean to a frenzy of crashing, battering waves.  Minus tides drop the ocean so low that it becomes possible to explore sea stacks that, at other times, are surrounded by sea.  Find sea stars and sea anemones, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and giant barnacles clinging to the far side of Elephant Rock, directly below the motel.
This stretch of shore is on the Oregon Coast Birding Trail, and Coquille Point, below the motel, is part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Seasonally, sea birds flock and nest atop Elephant Rock, nearby Table Rock and Face Rock and myriad other stacks. These are rookeries to: murres, tufted puffins, auklets, pigeon guillemots, storm petrels, gulls, pelicans, sanderlings, oystercatchers, Brandt’s, cormorants, and terns.  Seals and sea lions haul out onto the shelves of the stacks, and whales can be seen off shore.  Harbor Seals are known to give birth on nearby Bullard’s Beach, but they, along with their babies, take an afternoon sunbath on the smaller rocks in front of Elephant Rock. 
Flights of steps lead down from the headlands to the beach on either side of the motel, and in various other places along Bandon Beach, providing numerous possibilities for loop walks from the motel in either direction.  Face Rock Lookout with its caves, arches and tide pools are south of Coquille Point.  The Point itself has paved walking paths, enabling wheelchair exploration. And to the north one of the favorite walks loops around Coquille Point and up the beach to Bandon Jetty, on which the Jetty Light sits and moans and flashes out its warning, and where fishers cast from shore, and fishing boats drift off shore.  Near the jetty, is a small pebble beach where agate hunters stoop for their treasure.  The walk carries on into Bandon via the Coquille River Estuary, on the far side of which sits the Coquille Lighthouse, the subject of many photographs and paintings, as are the sea stacks.  
The town of Bandon-by-the-Sea with its boat bottom filled with fishing boats and its boutiques, coffee shops and seafood restaurants make a delightful midpoint destination for walkers; and perhaps most delightful is the brand new creamery providing delicious cheeses, ice creams and local wines. Local art, dress shops, antiques stores, bakeries, gem stores and book stores are a treat to explore.  Complete the loop walk on the cliffs leading back to the motel, with spectacular views over land and sea.
Bandon area is Oregon’s cranberry capital, and the town is noted for bogs closely situated. Cranberries are such a large part of the economy of this little area that there is a weekend Cranberry Festival each September with a new queen, crowned each spring. Enterprising locals sell things like cranberry catsup, and cranberry glass and cranberry-scented candles.  Cranberry Sweets and More in Old Town is a local favorite where the unique tangy taste of cranberries is blended into delicious sweets in combinations to please every palate. The treats don’t stop at cranberries.  Misty Meadows Jams, just south of Bandon on Highway 101 specializes in every kind of jam and a large assortment of wine.


Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes Championship Golf Courses
Bandon Crossings Golf Course
Numerous state parks situated at every beautiful point on the Oregon Coast with five in the immediate vicinity of Bandon
Cape Blanco Lighthouse with nearby historic Hughes House
Shore Acres Botanical Gardens
Sunset Bay Beach and recreation area where people swim and sunbathe in January
West Coast Game Park Petting Zoo
Bandon Beach Motel, a few blocks from the heart of Downtown, is family run, and guests are greeted and treated with warm hospitality.  The motel features:
Remodeled in 2011
Ocean views from all rooms
Three Premium rooms with ocean views in two directions and an electric fireplace
Three standard rooms with an electric fireplace 
Balconies or patios on all south facing rooms
Room 107 is wheelchair accessible
Three full kitchen units 
Rooms with one queen, two queens, one queen and one twin, one queen and two twins, or one king
Fridges and microwaves and coffee makers, coffee supplied, and hair dryers in all rooms
Wireless internet and Cable TV – flat screen TVs in all rooms
A limited number of pet-friendly rooms
Bandon Beach Motel is full nearly all summer long, so be sure to reserve your favorite room!